23 April 2016

Why that cargo door on 1st A350-1000 prototype?

Airbus has installed in the MSN59, the 1st A350-1000 prototype, the same Emergency escape hatch for test-crew that was installed in the MSN1, the first A350-900 prototype.

Source: Airbus

The main cargo door, manufactured in Korea by KAI wil not be flying on the first set of test-flights of the MSN59. As it occurred in the MSN1 first flight prototype.

Each test flight is operated by a crew of 2 pilots and 3 flight engineers, who monitor the stream of data flowing from a multitude of sensors into a bank of computers installed in the middle of the cabin

Source: Airbus

On all seats is a parachute. If things should go terribly awry and the crew needs to evacuate, a bright-orange railing leads them from the cockpit door to a hatch in the floor above the forward cargo door.
By pulling a lever, the crew can trigger a set of explosive charges that will blow a hole in the right side of the fuselage. They can then leap down a slide, through the hole, and into the air.

Source: Airbus

More details about the emergency scape.

The cargo door could be installed later as it was done beginning of 2015 in the MSN1.


  1. A really cool looking bird, pretty long and awesome with the six-wheel-bogie!Looking forward to a successful first flight later this year.

  2. Sorry, it is not KAI, but KAL

  3. This blog is a far behind as the A350's two months now according to Qatar

  4. I think this blog no longer exists

  5. Now 3months behind according Chinese Airlines

  6. Now six months behind with the 1000- what a bloody shambles
    If I was Clarke I'd buy Boeing. It would be the next decade before I got a A350 delivery!!!!! Oh and this blog is learning from Airbus too! Its now 2months behind. Best to shut it down.

  7. Don't you think that the first flight of the A350-1000 is worth an entry in your blog?

    1. I have the feeling there might have happened something with blogjfa, since there are no more updates :(

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